• Hearing loss can be sudden or gradual, and is one of the most common conditions in older adults – and many considering it embarrassing.
  • About one in three people over age 65, and about half of those older than 75, have hearing loss.
  • In one study, more than 90 percent of older adults had some level of hearing loss, but 36 percent of them had never had their hearing tested. Only 14 percent with hearing loss used hearing aids.
  • Studies indicate that people wait an average of 5-7 years before doing something about their hearing loss.
  • Men are about three times more likely to develop hearing loss than are women.

Some clues that you may have hearing loss include:

    • Difficulty talking on the phone.
    • Trouble hearing conversations, especially when there is noise in the background.
    • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves.
    • Being told by others that you turn the TV volume up too high.
  • Various interventions or treatments are available for hearing loss, depending on the cause.

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