Daughter Shares Letter of Gratitude

“My mother lived with me 10 years before she needed skilled nursing care. There is ‘no place like home,’ however, Quality Health comes close.

My mother was there seven years and I visited 10 to 14 times weekly. The staff was exemplary…gave thoughtful consideration to my concerns and my mother’s needs…I never had a question that went unanswered. They always had a listening ear.

The facility and its employees work together to create a wonderfully compassionate environment filled with joy, activities and lots of smiles. I can’t mention every employee who touched our lives while at Quality Health, but each has made an impression on my heart…They treated my mother with respect and love…They provided needed reassurance and calm so that my mother could have a peaceful passing from this life to her next.

Quality Health is like a finely tuned orchestra, each member of the team provides an integral part so the whole can be as perfect as possible. I can’t thank you enough for the superior care you provided my mother and the wonderful memories you helped create. I will sing your praises forever.”

– Bonnie C. to Stephen Jordan, administrator, and the staff of Quality Health of Fernandina Beach.