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Across Florida, many skilled nursing centers are counting their blessings that they and their residents made it through Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed. But good fortune was not the only contributing factor, as Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) and its member centers worked diligently before, during, and after the storm to ensure that their residents would… continue reading

Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Falls Prevention Awareness Day is September 22 this year – appropriate, with today being the first day of fall. The day is an opportunity to promote awareness about the dangers of falling and ways to prevent it from happening. Falls are one of the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among Florida’s elderly population.… continue reading

Surviving the Summer Heat at Any Age

It’s summertime again, and that means it’s time for a refresher on how to stay safe in the summer heat. Almost 400 Americans die as a result of heat waves each year, and most of them are elders who don’t recognize that they are overheating – a potentially dangerous situation. Seniors can possibly be at… continue reading

Haven’t exercised in a while? Afraid of getting back on the horse? With several easy-to-do exercises geared toward seniors, you can maintain mobility, strengthen your muscles, improve your blood pressure, and help your overall health. All you need is a sturdy chair. Remember to consult your physician before starting any new exercise programs, especially if… continue reading