60 Years of Caring Report

60 Years of Caring

Over the past six decades, the Florida Health Care Association has made
 an important difference for members of the long term care profession and, most importantly, for the comfort and well-being of the countless Floridians who have been entrusted to their care. The quality of Florida’s facilities and the quality of life enjoyed within them has never been better.

Yet numerous challenges, including constant changes in the makeup of Florida’s population, have left many Floridians with aging parents
 largely unsure how they will be able to help their parents address the increasing challenges of age-related decline, both physical and mental.

To celebrate its rich history and to begin preparing for the challenges ahead, the Florida Health Care Association developed a comprehensive report on 60 Years of Caring. You can download the entire report by clicking this link:
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The report includes:

A History of Aging in Florida

Over the 60 years FHCA has existed, Florida has undergone a rapid transformation to become one of the largest and most influential states in the nation. It now has the highest median age in the United States, with seven counties reflecting a median age over 50. The quality of FHCA member facilities has improved tremendously over time, and now almost one in three Florida long term care facilities is ranked among the best in the nation.

FHCA Timeline

A timeline documents the growth of Florida’s long term care profession, highlighting more than three dozen significant steps on the path to modern standards of care.

Attitudes on Aging in Florida

To clearly understand the attitudes and perspectives of adults with aging parents in Florida, the Florida Health Care Association commissioned a public opinion survey of Floridians who have a parent or in-law older than 55. The results provide a revealing look at the attitudes of those facing the challenges of aging loved ones in the Sunshine State.

Policy Challenges

With a growing share of older residents in Florida, the need for coordinated long term care will constantly increase. Long term care encompasses a wide range of services, care venues and community supports, and the paramount goal for aging Floridians and those with disabilities is having a continuum of high-quality care. Quality standards, enforcement, education and family engagement are all pieces of the puzzle.

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