Survey Results

To better understand the attitudes and perspectives of adults with aging parents in Florida, the Florida Health Care Association commissioned a public opinion survey of Floridians who have a parent or in-law at least 56 years old.

Among the findings of the public opinion poll of Florida adults with aging parents, commissioned by FHCA:
  • 58 percent are concerned about their ability to care for the physical health of an aging parent.
  • 67 percent are unsure of their own ability to provide care when faced with an aging parent’s diminishing mental capabilities.
  • 48 percent are concerned that the needs of an aging parent will create a financial strain.
  • 67 percent are concerned that the parent’s needs will cause emotional strain in their own lives.
  • Only 57 percent had discussed with their aging parent how to handle care decisions if the parent can no longer make those decisions on his or her own.

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