Thank You for Such Great Care

“As a family, we are so proud and humbled to be part of this great community. It has never been more real and meaningful than these last few months since Mama arrived at Marianna Health and Rehabilitation [Center]. After successful cancer treatments left her in a weakened state, we were so fortunate to be admitted to a facility with such great nurses, assistants, therapists and particularly leadership which creates this type of loving care and concern. We are so happy and blessed that all these great folks…invested their talents, time and emotional connection with Mama.

Mama once said, ‘I have never seen people so dedicated to their work before.’ …They all went above and beyond duty – we are thankful to hear professionals say, ‘We consider it an honor to care for Mrs. J.’

…Some things we experienced are just too deep and too personal to attempt to convey, but to all of you who demonstrated such care and concern, and you know who you are, again we say, thank you.

Our hope and her hope was alive through this journey…”

Darwin G. Letter to the Editor of the Jackson County Floridan newspaper