Key Findings

Over the years, Florida’s long term care centers have made great strides in the quality of care provided to our state’s aging residents. These centers consistently rank among the top performers in the nation, and the significant improvements being made on a yearly basis underscore the unbridled commitment of Florida’s long term caregivers.


  • Florida consistently ranks strongly in both current data and the improvements made over the years. Looking at the four national rating and award indicators used by CMS to assess states’ overall quality care performance, Florida leapt from 16th in the nation in 2014 into the Top Ten (7th) by 2018.
  • In the same four-year span, Florida saw double-digit jumps in progress, improving an average of 3.8 positions on the 35 indicators for which trend data is available. This includes:
    • 20-position improvement in the portion of long-stay residents who needed to be physically restrained
    • 17-position improvement in the number who receive antipsychotic medication
    • 15-position improvement in CNA staffing hours per resident per day


  • Florida ranks #1 for nurse staffing rates among the nation’s 10 most populous states, and 9th overall.
  • Florida’s long term care centers require the nation’s highest level of direct-care hours (3.6) per resident per day — well above the national median of 2.5.
  • With the 7th highest level of training hours, Florida CNAs complete 120 training hours versus the national median of 90. CNAs make up about 60% of center clinical staff and interact substantially with residents, so it’s crucial that they undergo adequate training.

Short-Stay Residents

  • Florida ranked better than the national median on four out of seven measures, placing within the Top Ten on two:
    • 3rd lowest portion of residents with new or worsened pressure ulcers
    • 5th lowest portion of residents self-reporting moderate to severe pain.

Long-Stay Residents

  • Florida ranked within the Top Ten on five of the long-stay resident measures:
    • 5th in the nation for lowest number of reports of moderate to severe pain.
    • 8th for lowest portion of residents needing help with daily activities.
    • 8th for lowest portion of residents suffering one or more falls with a major injury.
    • 3rd for lowest portion of residents suffering from depressive symptoms.
    • 10th for appropriate administration of the pneumococcal vaccine – a tremendous improvement from 25th in 2014 at a time when the national median declined.

Ratings & Awards

  • Florida ranks best in the nation for the number of centers recognized by the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living Quality Care (AHCA/NCAL) with 63 awards in 2018 — adding up to a total of 389. These recognitions show the commitment to quality by long term care centers and caregivers in the state, as just 40 Florida centers were presented with such awards less than five years ago.  
  • Florida is ranked 7th best in the nation with its 3.8-star rating.
    • Florida holds the #1 position among the 10 most populous states.
  • The state holds the 8th best share of highly rated long term care centers – 64% hold ratings of 4 or more stars (national median is 55%).

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